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Sunday, 18 October 2015

@Phil Invisible Cities : Exterior Shot Compositions, Feedback?

With the feedback from my mentor to do with my exterior shots , I went back and added more buildings to the city and tried more compositions . Although I would like some feedback as if I should do more experimenting with compositions , add more buildings or if this would be a good point to add colour?


  1. Is this advice on your master shot? If so, you need to open up the composition now to give us a sense of how this city is situated within its environment. I'd say too that it's still looking rather more like a big building as part of Octavia, as opposed to a glimpse of the full scale of the city - situating it in a landscape will certainly encourage you to think a little bigger still.

    1. Sorry I didn`t realize I didn`t respond to your message . Thank you for the advice , I posted my response to it and the advice really helped. I feel as if I`m getting somewhere :)