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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Invisible Cities : Octavia Master Shot Exterior Update

After receiving feedback from my painting progress , I changed the pillars position and I feel as if it frames the image much better. I attempted at trying to fix the scale by adding a thinner gap between the planks in the bridges and I hope it helped.I also made the back buildings and islands less saturated so the central figure of my painting stood out even more. Again , any feedback is greatly appreciated :).


  1. Hi Sarah!
    Yes, bringing the front pillars forward has really helped :)
    I think you need to decrease the width of the bridge as it goes into the the moment it is wider at the far end to what it is in the foreground, which is making the distance between the pillars and the structure feel very small.

    1. Hi Jackie :)
      Thanks again for the feedback , I just changed the width of the bridge and I see what you mean , now the distance between the pillars and the buildings looks right :D Thank you!