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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Script to Screen : Story Ideas *Feedback please*

Idea 1 : A Private Detective goes undercover to find his kidnapped daughter  . His leads take him to an abandoned demolition site which turns out to be the base of a Mafia/Criminal Organisation .

Idea 2 : The Private Detective is searching for people gone missing , his leads turn up at a demolion site which turns out to be a body deposit site for murderers. He finds several bones and body parts stuffed in a cement mixer.

Idea 3 : The Private Detective gets kidnapped by a criminal organisation and is placed in the cement mixer on the back of the truck which turns out to be a death trap as they leave him to try and escape.

Idea 4 : On investigation , the Private Detective comes across blood in the cement mixer , when finding it he tres to find out who`s blood it is. (To be decided who`s it is.)

Idea 5 : Post apocolypse ,  a survivor who was a private detective has been investigating into a cure for a disease that has spread. His searches lead him to a science lab which had gotten destroyed and he finds journal entries for the cure in dried up cement mixer. 

After feedback , looking into animals which may suit the role :

(Thoughts : Shadowy creatures ,like to be in the dark , mysterious , serious.)

Stereotype animals to do with the police/investigator :
German Shepards

Villains :


*Open to more ideas + Feedback *


  1. okay - so first curve ball to send your way: as this is story-making for animation, none of your characters have to be human; so, this could be a story about a private detective cat/rat/dog etc. We're used to entire films playing out with animals or even inanimate objects being the characters; for example: 'The Brave Little Toaster':

    So, for example, on a demolition site, where'd you expect to find lots of builder's equipment, it might just be that the 'cement mixer' is a character in addition to the private detective, who might be a cat... My point is, this is for animation, and animation universes can be more surreal in this sense.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion :) Could I maybe use the idea of animals in a more symbolic way to their characters and play with that idea a bit? I mean , I`ll explore into the idea of inanimate objects or animals playing the roles,but, I had the idea of masks being involved with the criminals since when researching into criminals such as burglers they mostly wore masks.

  2. My favourite of your ideas is number three, I feel like that's the idea out of all of them that lends itself best to the time frame we have, as your going to want to conclude this story in a really short time! loving these crazy ideas!

    1. Thank you! :) I also had the idea of leaving the answers for the other plot ideas unanswered ,however, I`m unsure if that`d be to simple and will let the story down.

  3. After reading all of this I had the idea of maybe a bunch of builder tools are the characters and maybe the detective is the hammer (or something...or an animal) and one of the other tools have gone missing so he tries to figure out what happened to it. Maybe they figure out that the tool was buried in the cement by the mixer? Maybe the mixer was jealous of whatever tool was buried? Then the detective and other tools manage to save the tool that was buried? Just some ideas ^_^

    1. Thanks for the ideas :D I`ve been struggling with ideas for a few days. I like the idea of a tool being jealous and the idea of a tool being buried under the cement .