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Monday, 18 January 2016

@Phil Script to Screen : Post Feedback Brainstorm **Feedback please **

Afetr being told my previous initial ideas were my strongest , I`m using this post to brainstorm and strengthen my plot and try and come up with a variety of ideas.

Taking the idea of starting from the end and the detective is on top of a building : 
-A building could be in the works ( a building that represents life or joy) and the private detective could be helping ,but, it turns out they are using bone and human parts in the cement and bricks : why? Recyclable? To hide bodies?. 

-Could start off a year after the story is set? A memorial for someone? So the demolition site is a grave. For someone they loved? For regret?
- Could have been to save someone? Suicide?
-The person who died could have been in danger and killed?
-Animation can be seen as a narration by the Private Detective (typed out or voiced)
-Could be a mass disaster in the demolition site? - Building structure collapse? - cement being spilled and people getting stuck? If it`s a lot of cement people getting stuck completely? Almost like statues. If statues they could be reminders? Statues could progress to be town landmarks but it`s a secret there are real bodies inside.( Only known by detective)  

**Open to more ideas ** 


  1. Oooh I like a lot of the ideas! I like the ideas of bodies being statues or being used to build the building, but maybe with the building being that of joy maybe it's a sinister building so the 'bad guys' are building a sinister building and by killing people off who know about their evil motives to actually construct the place? :) But the building of joy does add a nice contrast to killing people haha

  2. I like the idea of the story being told to the audience via narration, you could push that a little bit more and have the story told through flashbacks? so possibly someone is being interrogated and we see the story told through their account? I think that could be a really good way to set the scene as some of the plot points your coming up could be a nightmare to try and establish in one minute!