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Thursday, 7 January 2016

Character Design Week 1

Experimenting with Different Body Shapes : Sephiroth 
Transforming Sephiroth into these different body shapes was quite comical to do , especially the circlular shaped body at the bottom . Although I am comfortable drawing characters I found these challenging to do ,most likely because I`m used to drawing the same type of body over and over again so this would be a new challenge.

Transforming to Realism : Stitch 
Transforming Stitch was difficult , this was because although he`s meant to be a dog , making his ears look like a dogs made him look like a rabbit and so it was difficult to get the balance. However, I knew I also wanted to make his alien form more sinister and sharper which is why his ears have changed shape to a dobermen shape as I wanted him to look as sinster as possible.


  1. Ahaha Fatty Sephi-kun :D Though it looks like he is stabbing his big belly.

    1. Haha XD It`d be funny if he really was , just the sword getting stuck in his belly.

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