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Thursday, 7 January 2016

Script to Screen : Initial Influence Maps

Although being sure of the basic shape of a cement mixer, I found out that the barrel comes in many shapes and sizes also there was such thing as a portable cement mixer in the form of a truck . This is useful as my story idea of bodies being found inside the cement mixer would work as the cement mixer placed on a truck would be big enough to store bodies.

What I can take away from the  demolition site research is that the majority of these areas are set in busy cities and are usually quite compact with buildings surrounding them . The initial structures are left bare and are stripped away to the minimum. Also when I was searching on google , demolition from explosions came up as well so I may search into that in the future.

  What I can take away from the private Inspector research is that mostly those portrayed are cast in shadow and wear black , their faces are usually obstructed by their hat. Common clothing choices are : Trench coat , umbrella / cane , fedora , cigar and a suit. 

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