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Monday, 30 November 2015

@Simon Maya Tree Branches Help Please

Since starting work on the branches for the main tree model I feel like the branches are to flimsy and don`t look that much like branches. Is there a way to make the branches look more realistic and like they are flowing with the tree rather than stuck into it?


  1. Hi Sarah,

    Its a bit hard to give you that type of modelling advice via the blog (its better if we show you in person). Are you in on Tuesday? If so then come and see me and I'll show you what to do.

    1. Hi Alan

      I am in tomorrow in the afternoon ,but, I can come in earlier about 12 ish? Will I be able to find you in the base room?

  2. Hi Sarah. I think this might be a situation where photoreferencing can be really useful for you. The thing about tree branches is they split when growing and age just like the parent tree.

    When a tree creates a branch anywhere on its body, the area splits itself in half. These branches grow outwards and just as the rings and bulk of a tree trunk can tell you the age of a tree, branches have their own ages that can be measured depending on where along the branch you look.

    I think your branches might look stuck-on because they're the same thickness at the end as they are on the join. They don't quite look like they came from the tree so my advice would be to widen the bases of the branches. Look at tree bases to get an idea for the way your model's feet could sprawl outwards. Alan can then give you advice on how to better connect the branches to the primary model.