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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

What If ! Metropolis : OGR Part 2


  1. OGR 19/11/2015

    Hi Sarah,

    You've struggled with this project, but your concept art painting demonstrates a positive resolution. Things have gone a wee bit 'Alice in Wonderland' and whimsical, but I think your artist's work has that vibe, so this is fair enough. There are however real problems with finesse in terms of your orthographies and your production art. Nothing is finished, nothing is refined, and everything still feels like working drawings, and you absolutely need to sort this before progressing into 3D. You'll need to rationalise some of the complexity of your organic forms (I've suggested use of Illustrator for this) and you'll need to actually complete your assets as production art - i.e. you paint them up and complete them so they're representative of what you're actually trying to accomplish. Everything here is too scruffy - and while this expressiveness and energy is great and welcome on the early stages of production design, you need to concentrate now on presenting your assets so that someone else could model from them.

    One of the achievements of your concept art is the sense of lighting - warm, comforting, homely - and this is something you'll want to replicate in your digital set. I think too you need to think more clearly about the actual content of the matte painting, because I'd still take issue with your scene as being representative of a 'city' - you should absolutely make use of your matte painting to enhance this sense.

    So - everything needs more professionalism and more polish in terms of the execution of your drawings; there should be clear and distinct difference between 'thumbnails' and 'production art' and orthographs - right now, everything you're presenting feels like a thumbnail, and thus everything feels like a work in progress.

    The other issue Sarah is your attendance; it's not been great and it appears your swerving important lessons that would help you improve, even as you work rather desperately to get your work done. This is a self-defeating circle and it needs to be addressed before it becomes a habit. Perhaps we need to meet for a chat - drop me an email and we'll sort something soon.

    So - congrats on making peace with Carol Long, congrats on resolving a more positive view of the world of her work, and yes, your concept art has real qualities in terms of atmosphere. That said, you need to focus now on the professionalism of your work flow, on the elegance and effectiveness of your presentation, and on fighting your tendency towards 'scruffiness'...

  2. sorry - 'orthographs' not *orthographies* damn you, auto-correct!