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Saturday, 14 November 2015

What If! Metropolis : Full Building Silhouettes

After deciding on a technique for going about the buildings and vines , I put the two together and I feel as if these techniques have been quite successful. With my last 3 images I started to in cooperate Long`s ribbon like and swirl like traits into the trees to try and convey her style into the buildings more. However, I feel as if with the final buildings I may make the vines more simpler because the vines seem to distract away from the overall building design.

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  1. Hi Sarah - very organic! You might want to take a leaf or two out of Deanna's book in terms of further preparing your 'hero' buildings for Maya, by using Illustrator to rationalise your structures a little more so:

    When first starting out in Maya, it can be very tricky to a achieve the naturalistic level of organicism implied by these drawings - all those vines etc - so you might want to think too about rationalising the vines into more structural elements which have the quality of being organic, but but which also feel 'buildable' - you might want to look at Art Nouveau in general terms to see how organic forms were 'mass produced': for example: