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Sunday, 1 November 2015

What If ! Metropolis : Thumbnails 47-60

Taking Phils advice I continued to create simpler forms for the buildings and used the mirror tool to create less complex shapes for the buildings. I feel as if these were quite successful and when the basic forms have been established I will work on adding windows and doors ,however, for now the blocked out shape for the building I think works for the early stages.My favorites for these are #48,#51 ,#52 , #58 and #60.

Also any feedback / advice is hugely welcome! :)


  1. don't worry about windows yet - keep going with this technique; press the reset button - start over, with new shapes from new sources, build them up gently, and then use the same set of methods to create new thumbnails. Keep going - and keep it playful, creative and speculative. - And yes 51, 52 and 60 are beginning to make sparks :)

    1. Alright then , Ill keep generating buildings like this then , also , I was going to ask , does it matter if all 75 thumbnails are buildings for now? And when I have a sufficient enough of buildings thumbnails that I'm comfortable with can I come up with more to develop compositions?