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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

What if!Metropolis : Colour Comps Update (Added Buildings)

A quick update here . I feel as if the addition of more buildings has helped give the concept art more depth as I feel like instead of buildings simply being in the background this gives the sense that the buildings are surrounding the tree too. However, one thing I have noticed here is that there is one central building that is coloured which looks strange. I will post an update here as I will try replacing that building with a black one and see what it looks like. Although I`m slightly worried it may make the buildings seem out of place being black with the colourful background.


  1. I'd say keep adding buildings but give some variety. maybe also consider some clutter around the tree - something like lanterns, benches or tracks that makes the area look like it's being used.

    1. Okay then :) I added an update version in a recent post , do you think that looks better?