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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

@Phil What If ! Metropolis : OGR Part 1


  1. OGR 05/11/2015

    Hi Sarah,

    I'm really confused by your travelogue! What has it got to do with Carol Long and her values, preoccupations and relationship to nature? I don't understand why you're showing me a place of poisoned sludge, and likewise why you don't actually describe any actual buildings - or very few? I think you're suggesting that your city is like the only healthy thing left, and that it is fragile, but how is that back-story helping you design this city? Carol Long is fascinated by plant and animal life; her work is like fantasia on a theme of growing, on cell-division, on seeds popping and regeneration. It does seem odd to work against that fascination? Surely, a Long city would be a hymn to nature - an opportunity to exult the regenerative energies of organic life... why all this sludge? I can see from your mind map that you ceased on the idea of a 'diseased city' - is this because of what you think about Long's work (that it looks diseased?) or what Long thinks about her work? I think this is where things are getting muddled. You're judging Long's work in terms of taste, perhaps (yours) and it's taking your design in what seems a very contrary direction (remember, you're working with Long). Long thinks nature - with all its tendrils, spores, seed pods and succulent new growth - is a wonderful, exciting force and source of inspiration; she's not disgusted by it. I'd suggest you need to look with Long's eyes, because any city designed in Long's name would be an opportunity to celebrate the organic world, not judge it as a bit 'digesting' and 'diseased looking'.

    It's funny - some of the feedback re. your reviews has been that you tend to confuse your instinctive opinions on things with 'critical content', when they're not the same thing at all; your reviews aren't about you 'liking' or 'disliking' something - there about you demonstrating that you understand why someone else might have done something a particular way, or thought about something in a particular way.

    I think you've been confusing your view of Long's work with Long's view on her work - and thus your 'plague city' makes little or no conceptual sense in light of your collaboration. Does that make sense? If Long were designing this city, it would be a paradise, not a ruin!

    Meanwhile... in terms of thumbnails etc. your most recent have been more interesting, and more architectural, but I encourage you to press the reset button and think again about your What If Metropolis...

    1. Hi Phil , thank you for your feedback . I`m sorry my travellogue didn`t make sense and you`re right I think I went off tangent and was basing the city off of my own perception of Long`s work . I`ll work overnight on going back to the drawing board of my ideas and going through the route you`ve suggested and I`ll keep in mind what you`ve said and try to remember that I`m working with Long and that I need to not let my opinions take over the context of the work.

    2. Hey Sarah - you don't have to pull an all-nighter; just take a step back and think what Long might think...

      oh - and look, another Tutorphil typo - 'Digesting' instead of *disgusting* - sorry!

  2. *that you ceased on the idea of a 'diseased city' * - sorry, I meant *seized*!