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Sunday, 1 November 2015

What If! Metropolis : Thumbnails 36-46

Taking Phils advice I started going with simpler forms to try and understand the shapes and basic structures a bit more , however, after 43 I wanted to try taking the shapes from Long`s pieces once more and see how I can develop them further into buildings. I feel as if I went a bit to far with #44 where I was experimenting with the environment more than the buildings. Because I wanted to create a wave engulfing a building which I attempted with the lasso tool. I don`t think that exact thumbnail was very successful because I feel the edges were to rough and the structures themselves would get washed away with no support holding them up.


  1. you might want to consider using the mirror tool/filter in Photoshop, as while Long's work isn't always symmetrical, you may find this technique helps you rationalise some of your wilder thumbnails into elements that start to feel more architectural as opposed to 'just' organic.