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Saturday, 7 November 2015

@Simon Maya Error , Please Help!

Hi Simon , whenever I open Maya and try to open the scene for the alleyway this error keeps appearing and then immediately after my computer freezes and Maya crashes. Any ideas what the cause could be?


  1. Hey Sara, try this instead. Open maya and import the scene you're trying to open. When Importing, there will be an option on the right side and make sure to check the third options that says "Merge file names.."

    Then under file, Optimize Scene. It should help clear any bugs in the file :)

    Hope it helps! :)

    1. Hi Ayunie ,
      I tried doing what you suggested ,but when I did it the image files in the scene have dissappeared. I`ve tried different layer settings,but, they have just seemed to vanish.

    2. Hey Sarah, reset your project, go to the attribute editor and relink the files to the image planes. If you are still having problems I will take a look tomorrow or Friday.

  2. Hi Sarah, looks like Ayunie beat me to that one.