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Sunday, 30 August 2015

CAA Summer Project 84-91

I thoroughly enjoyed creating these life forms as I drew inspiration mainly from my surroundings and also from several games I played. For example , 86 I drew inspiration from The Mother in Dragon Age Origins , I wanted to create a rather humanoid figure which looked deathly thin and demonic. I wanted to create something monstrous a I enjoyed drawing these type of creatures. 88 Was inspired when visiting the Notting Hill Festival , I wanted to create something theatrical and I was inspired by the outfits and carnival members with the enlarged lips which I wanted to make an exaggerated feature. My favorite ones out of these lot are 84 and 91 although I do like the body of 86 and the armored scales of 90. Although using these as inspiration when it came to designs I used the objects we were challenged to use to create the foundations of these creatures.

CAA Summer Year 67-83

I wanted to focus this page on more life forms than anything because my previous ones were more focused on machines and structures. I found the initial silhouettes much tougher to create life forms with than the structures ,so, I thought I`d revert back to drawing which I found creating life forms with much easier. I did these thumbnails with my graphics tablet since I wanted to vary mediums in my summer project.My favorite ones out of these would be 67,72,73,78,79 and 82. Although I want to try a few more life forms since I`ve been inspired by several games such as Tera online , Aion and Dark Souls. 

Friday, 28 August 2015

Update/Need Advice?

Hey guys , before we start uni I was hoping I could ask for some advice since I`ve had problems with self confidence in the past in college and it kind of dragged my work down where I mentally put myself down and struggled to draw. I was wondering if anyone had any advice when it came to confidence and how to not compare yourself to others/ put yourself down?

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

CAA Summer Project 41-45

CAA Summer Project 36-40

CAA Summer Project 31-35

CAA Summer Project 28-30

CAA Summer Project 23-27

CAA Summer Project 20-22

CAA Summer Project 14-19

CAA Summer Project 8-13

CAA Summer Project 1-7

CAA Summer Project 48-66

Inspired by looking through my classmates work , by the time I reached 45 I was stuck for ideas and so I thought the silhouettes would help generate more unusual ideas and help to manipulate the objects in more interesting ways. I feel like the silhouettes have done that and I`ve had a lot of fun generatign them as I had more freedom. Whereas with my initial sketches coming from my mind I feel I had to make everything perfect like they fit together perfectly . I will be doing more of these in the future up until 75 or 80 then selecting a few to develop. At the moment I really like 48,49,51,55,57,58,59,60,62 and 66. However, I can quite proud of a lot of them.