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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

CAA Summer Project 41-45


  1. Ooh, Sarah - that's about a million times better! Thanks for doing that :D Another bit of housekeeping; as your blog is primarily a visual space, always think about the power of the image; Blogger lets you re-size uploaded images in sizes varying from small to X large and 'original size'. The default upload size is 'small' (which is what your images are at now). If you edit this post, click on the image and you'll see the re-size options pop-up - try large or even x-large - you want the size that fills the blog content area comfortably, without exceeding it. You'll also see that you get the option to 'Add caption' - which is a really quick and easy way of adding a bit more info to the images you upload :)

  2. Yay! I`m glad that it`s better :D Oh! Alright then I didn`t know I could change the image size. Alright then i`ll do that right away! Thanks :D