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Sunday, 30 August 2015

CAA Summer Year 67-83

I wanted to focus this page on more life forms than anything because my previous ones were more focused on machines and structures. I found the initial silhouettes much tougher to create life forms with than the structures ,so, I thought I`d revert back to drawing which I found creating life forms with much easier. I did these thumbnails with my graphics tablet since I wanted to vary mediums in my summer project.My favorite ones out of these would be 67,72,73,78,79 and 82. Although I want to try a few more life forms since I`ve been inspired by several games such as Tera online , Aion and Dark Souls. 


  1. 74's angry expression really makes it stand out. I also agree with liking 78 is cute in an ugly bug sort of way.

  2. I do like 74 although I think I`d have to refine it some more for me to choose it in my final 3 . Yeah :D I wanted to go for a kind of armored shell look with 78.