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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

CAA Summer Project 48-66

Inspired by looking through my classmates work , by the time I reached 45 I was stuck for ideas and so I thought the silhouettes would help generate more unusual ideas and help to manipulate the objects in more interesting ways. I feel like the silhouettes have done that and I`ve had a lot of fun generatign them as I had more freedom. Whereas with my initial sketches coming from my mind I feel I had to make everything perfect like they fit together perfectly . I will be doing more of these in the future up until 75 or 80 then selecting a few to develop. At the moment I really like 48,49,51,55,57,58,59,60,62 and 66. However, I can quite proud of a lot of them.


  1. Hey Sarah,

    Yes - loving the switch to silhouettes - amazing isn't it, how a little change like that can drive so many new ideas. It looks as if you're fond of quite complex combinations - which lend themselves at once to architecture and machines... maybe go for some simpler combinations in terms of life-forms?

    Also - just a bit of blog housekeeping - I'm hoping you might agree to switch your template to one of the more classic kind (i,e like most of your classmates) so that your work forms one long linear line of posts, as opposed to how this template works, which is to keep tucking everything up into envelopes and hiding your work from view. It makes for a much easier viewing experience for your visitors.

    Also - you biog text currently reads as a list of vegetable types...

    1. Hey! Yeah I did like the complex structures since I felt there was more to work with ,but, I`ll give simpler silhouettes a go and see how they go :D .

      Oh! Sorry I didn`t even realise haha I`ll change it to a classic template right away and also that`s strange , I haven`t updated my bio yet maybe it`s blogger glitching? I`ll change it either way.

  2. Hey Sarah, I'm Charlie one of the many second years. These are looking really nice, I really like 65 and 66, they look awesome :)