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Monday, 19 October 2015

Invisible Cities : Zooming out the Master Exterior Shot :Feedback Please!

I took the advice given and zoomed out on the master exterior shot to reveal the surrounding area . I do like these shots much better since I feel like the city fits in and looks like an actual city now. However, I feel as if the river in the first and third shot could be further away to give the sense of height. I do like the second one though since the shot shows the temple which i`m planning to show in my low angle exterior shot . However, before I go further and develop the buildings , can I have some feedback please ? For if there`s anything I need to improve first.


  1. For me, the second one is the most interesting compositionally, though is does seem as if the perspective is a bit off in the way that the city sits between the foreground element and the background element?

    1. Yeah , that`s what I thought . I was struggling to put the perspective together in the second one since it was at an angle. Although I can try painting it instead of using silhouettes since I think that may be easier for me to illustrate . At least now I`ve got the fundamentals down :)