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Friday, 16 October 2015

Invisible Cities : Interior Colour Comps

I had the basic idea of what I wanted to create with my interior , I wanted to show a temple/shrine including the god that the people of Octavia worship locked away where they provide sacrifices to it. I wanted the god to be a spider like creature since my thoughts behind the city could be this spider took some part in creating this city and is one of the reasons why Octavia hasn`t fallen apart yet. In my mind map I was thinking that the mountains could be more of a volcano which is why I used the warm tones to provide a menacing light to my thumbnails. Also while doing research , I was thinking of an underground cult type of society which planned the sacrifices yet no one knew who they were . I liked how the ominous figures turned out and would like to experiment with them at different angles for an interior , also, maybe for the third thumbnail the figure standing between the figures could be changed into a hooded figure or one of the sacrifices being presented in front of the spider.

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