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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Invisible Cities : Octavia Exterior Colour Comp

I felt as if I needed a solid plan for the exterior of Octavia since I had the idea in my head yet it want drawn out. I had the idea of the power source for the city being in the center of the city and the more extravagant buildings were the closest and surrounding while the smaller and less well off were hanging below with hardly any power. I wanted to keep the city looking rather streamlined with buildings that are long and thin because I wanted to keep the `thin city` look to it. I like the look of reds and blues together for the shadows and I think I`m going to experiment with instead using the red for the power to replicate fire and the blues for shadows.

I am unsure as to what atmosphere I would like to go with as I feel the warmth from the core looks more homely ,however, the blue core makes the city seem more ominous and mysterious .My original thought was to go with the blue core since I have wanted to go for a more mysterious city in the shadows all along as that was my original thought when looking at Octavia.

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