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Monday, 12 October 2015

Argia Thumbnails/Buildings + Potential City Change

After the OGR I was advised to explore different viewpoints of Argia where instead of the whimsical city I was going for , look into a more depressing city where the city is buried and was catacombs instead of being a cave. I have explored this viewpoint over the weekend and slowly have gotten more and more stressed and burying myself deeper into a hole where I`m unsure what to do. Gaining advice from several tutors , I have attempted several exercises as shown above to try and generate ideas. Unfortunately , despite coming up with an idea of a city made entirely of bones I struggled to put the pieces together and figure out the logic behind the city. Ending up with me not enjoying any pieces I have been creating and finding designing the city more of a chore. 

That being said , I have taken some time to decide and I have decided instead of waiting for an idea to come along with a short time until the deadline , I will go down the second path of Octavia which was the other city of choice I was looking into. I will create a second OGR in the next day or two and upload my progress which I feel is going much smoother and less stressful than Argia.

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