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Saturday, 31 October 2015

What If! Metropolis : Building Thumbnails 21-27

I felt as if I needed to center around the buildings more than the actual city itself,so, I researched into Art Nouveau the art movement Long was associated with and took the traits from that movement to try and convey them into my buildings. I like #23 and #27 in this group and would appreciate development or any feedback at all.


  1. I suggest you go simpler, Sarah - extract silhouettes from the artist's work, and extract silhouettes from the sort of things that inspired your artist; also use simpler 'shape-based' tools in Photoshop as a means of working things up from simple forms - keep the complexity until you've established a more confident vocabulary of basic forms :)

    1. Sorry Phil I didn`t see this comment before I was working on my next set of thumbnails,but, now that I`ve seen it I`ll take your advice and go simpler :)