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Friday, 16 October 2015

Invisible Cities : Exterior Colour Comps

I wanted to experiment a great deal with 3 point perspective as I really wanted to emphasize the tight space and the hanging city in my painting. I struggled a great deal with this as when I eventually painted the city the shadows blended together and unless I added a lineart they all merged together. I wanted to expand the view of the city because I felt my 2nd and 1st colour comp was to focused on an either one dimensional view or just the central building . I`m also unsure what colour scheme to go with as I feel the colours are all to murky and I want to give the city a mysterious atmosphere ,so, I`m thinking of sticking with reds,blues and purples.


  1. I like the middle one the best. However not reading as a city yet - as I mentioned before I would suggest playing with shapes and finding structures from them, to develop your compositions. I would look to 'Cabinet of Dr. Caligari some more for inspiration, as to me you definitely have incorporated that type of style so far.

    Some examples maybe, and for colour scheme also? |


    1. Thank you for the advice , should I take a step back and develop the buildings a bit more then? Or focus more on the layout of the city?