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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Invisible Cities : Colour Comp #1

Since finally deciding on a concept on my city , I wanted to design Argia as a city made entirely of bones. Although I plan to step away from silhouettes I feel as if these are a great step forward to designing buildings by putting silhouettes of several animal bones together and creating something new out of them. I wanted to keep to fairly neutral tones in these,however, I wanted to experiment with a more dramatic colour scheme to bring out the silhouettes . Number 3 was inspired by the song Savages in Pocahontas where the colour schemes revolved around a hellish red and blue which I wanted to replicate.

1 comment:

  1. exciting developments, I see... personally, I'd like to see you stay a while with silhouettes of bones to work up your architecture a bit more: check out Danny's blog in year 2 for a nice way of extracting silhouette components from associated objects - and then bringing them back together as you seek to work up some strong, coherent designs (you want to look at his 'Art Of' in terms of the development of his Periodic Table characters for a sense of what I mean...)