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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Invisible Cities Thumbnails 106-115 Fedora

I felt as if I had more freedom to explore with Fedora as the only set themes in this city was the orbs and that there was a museum. I started off quite generic with the spheres being inside a city ,but, I soon gained influence from other cities too ,for example with #108 I gained inspiration with the stars being blueprints in Thekla and how if Fedora went down the same root those stars would be captured in the orbs. I also wanted to try different settings and gained the thought that what if the spheres were locked in time with the cities history and therefore would be in different settings. I also wanted to experiment with different styles with how the buildings look inside the spheres , for example with #106,#111 and #114 I wanted the buildings and objects to look like they were coming out of the spheres almost like they were real. 

My favorites out of these are #107,#108,#111 and #112. However, I do like the concept of #109 being in the air since I like drawing the more whimsical cities.


  1. I think you're showing real confidence now in terms of these thumbnails - some very strong, suggestive examples here - I'd really like to see you extend 114 - you've created a sense of something massive there - and I just want you to push back the viewfinder and show me what's sitting around that great big orb :) I think you're generating some really interesting stuff, Sarah - well done! Onwards!

    1. I feel as if I`m growing in confience too , I think you`re suggestion of looking at real life images helped , I`m finding it easier to imagine compositions now. Okay! I`ll zoom out on 114 and define the buildings some more.