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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Invisible Cities : Octavia Master Exterior Shot

                                                  <Gif to be published here>

As my painting went on I felt more of a whimsical colour palette come into play , I felt as if the dark exterior made the city look dull and lifeless where I wanted more colourful shadows and lights to make the city look vibrant yet mysterious. I also changed some of the shapes since working on a bigger scale the pillars framing the image were to small and I felt needed to be enlarge to suit the scale of the city. 

Any feedback is hugely welcome! I`d like to improve the painting as best as I can before Friday.


  1. Hi Sarah,

    Love the colour palette :)

    To me, the scale feels off slightly... the bulk of the city feels more 'tree-house' like. I think it is maybe the rope (?) bridges; the gaps are enormous when compared to the buildings that they are leading to. Imagine what scale your inhabitants would be... they wouldn't make it past the first rung :)
    Likewise, the 2 pillars in the foreground - they still feel very small. Maybe try pulling one pillar right back to the edge of the frame and making it more of a foreground element? And maybe try adjusting the tonal value of the middle and distant structures, to push them back a bit more... hope this helps!

    1. Hi Jackie! Thank you so much for the feedback , I took it into account and updated my final painting in my newest post. I feel like moving the pillar in the foreground helped frame the image a lot better thanks! Although I wasn`t sure how to go about the scale ,so, I hope with the closer planks in the bridge that it helps.