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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Invisible Cities Post OGR Influence Map

After getting feedback from my OGR , I have started to rework and develop my idea moving away from the more fantasy style I was going for . The first influence map here I was looking up references of cemeteries and Anderson shelters since I associated them with being underground and hidden away. When looking up cemeteries especially the Monmartre cemetery in Paris I began to feel severely uncomfortable because of looking at the statues and they seemed to be everywhere like they were watching you. So , I may transfer the feeling of severe discomfort into my concept art.

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  1. Hey Sarah - my feedback is about trying to think about your city 'practically' - not as just a painting, but as a painting of a city that 'makes sense' in it's own logic; don't lose confidence, I just want you to get much more into the nitty gritty of thinking about how your city actually fits together and how it works; think about the little things that add up to the big things... Just think and reflect for a bit - you don't have to chuck out loads of thumbnails immediately - read the feedback, look at some references - try more of the ideation techniques Jordan showed you - most importantly - stop beating yourself up, and start thinking about 'design' :)