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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Script to Screen : Private Detective Developed Designs , Property Developer + Finalizing Environment

Since gaining feedback on my previous designs , I wanted to put together the top face and top outfit designs to see how they would look as a whole design. Out of these three for the detective I think 2 is the most successful as the art style is consistent throughout .

For the Property Developer I wanted to give him a similar suit style ,however, I was struggling with his anatomy slightly from side view ,so, I wanted to see how he would look from the front view as well. This was also a struggle because his head shape is a complex shape to begin with. I will be altering the shape slightly so his body will become slightly easier to draw ,yet will still have him main defining features.

Also receiving feedback on my environment thumbnails , I was stubborn with the background of #4 so I decided to keep the background because of the business that it created. However, I saw the strengths in 3 that made it successful , where the contrast was high and the lighting made the scene almost menacing. That being said , I combined the house and level settings used in 3 and went along with the background I thought was the most successful. 

Any feedback to improve this thumbnail will be appreciated.

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