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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Digital Painting Exercises 10/02/16

Getting back into digital painting was both exciting and a struggle due to not doing master studies since the beginning of the year. I feel as if these exercises have helped keep alive my love of digital painting and although these are not as good (in my opinion) compared to my master studies at the beginning of the year , I feel as if I branched out when it came to brushes and painting techniques.


  1. Aside from the colour of the grass (maybe something more yellowish) these are pretty good attempts.

    Though I agree, there's a bit of distortion on the people but its nothing a bit of practice can't solve.

    1. Jordan said about the green as well when we received feedback ,so, at least I know to keep that in mind next time when I paint grass :).

      Also I hope so , I plan on practicing these exercises more when I have time.

    2. The dreaded Pea-Grass! When my year did this last year I believe Jordan forewarned us as we were painting.