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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Script to Screen : Demolition Site Exterior Thumbnails + Property Developer Facial Shots

Sticking with my Film Noir theme , I struggled with these thumbnails as I wanted the scene to be cluttered and busy. With my first two I struggled to get that sense ,so, I gradually added more machines and cluttered the background. By my final thumbnail I decided to add people to the background which I hadn`t thought about previously. Currently I`m finding difficulty to decide between 3 & 4 ,plus, any feedback would be appreciated :).

For my facial shots I was originally going along the lines of the mafia and making him look like a suave behind the scenes man ,however, the more I went along these lines I felt as if he should have a more intimidating look about him ,so, I took inspiration from Sykes from Oliver & Company to make him seem more of a businessman yet who still seemed cunning and brute-ish.


  1. 3 is the most striking as a thumbnail

  2. 5's head is my favourite. 2 looks a bit snooty but 5 for me really screams "sleazy gangster"