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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Script to Screen : Private Detective Character Designs


Keeping to the Film Noir style , I kept the colour scheme strictly black and white. I wanted to keep the style of the detective suave and put together yet looks as if he is about to dive into action. I took influence from the images in my influence map with the layered clothes , a trenchcoat and fedora. And took heavy influence from 1950s film (the time of Film Noir) and the trend of slicked back hair and quite clean appearance. My favorites out of these were 3 for the outit and art style and for the face I likes 5,7 and 8.


  1. 1 and 5 strike me as the "young and dashing detective" type, while in terms of outfit I prefer no. 4.

  2. I really like the design of 2 with face 5! The outfit reminds me of Sherlock Holmes. *-*