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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Invisible Cities Thumbails 1-5

Initially I had excitement to do Fedora because of my research when finding the globe structures,however, when sketching the thumbnail I found it difficult to put a composition to it. With 1 and 2 I wanted to create a forestation look where the bamboo was overgrowing and became how the city stood and relied completely on the bamboo supports ,so, I experimented with scale and how the bamboo would look close up with the houses installed. I also liked 4 and 5 because when it says in the passage that everyone was going mad , I initially thought in asylum rooms where the rooms are completely white and how they`d go insane because of it. However, I wanted the exterior to look like a normal medieval setting fitting the description. I also added the clear windows to go with the mental asylum look .

1 comment:

  1. Hey Sarah :) This is a good start! I think your ideas for the overgrown jungley bamboo world sounds interesting, and I can visualise all these plants taking over a grey dull city that has been forgotten about. When reading about Fedora my mind goes to Metropolis (1927) a little bit .

    Keep up the good thumbnails, keep trying different ideas based on what you read, and you'll start to be able to visualise a solid concept :)

    You could try to work with shapes too, or silhouettes of (example) metal objects, and experiment that way for some quick architectural ideas!