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Monday, 28 September 2015

Digital Painting : Abstract Thumbnails

This exercise at first I thought wasn't going to help me as much as the word list since that seemed to spark up new opportunities for my thumbnails. However, I felt that these thumbnails although may not help me as much I feel the collages did help stimulate some ideas . I suprised myself in the end as I'm not one to focus or like much abstract art ,however, I do like these that I have done especially the lasso and collage ones since they felt almost therapeutic.


  1. I really like the bottom right image on the second sheet - I think, if you took that image back into Photoshop, dropping it into a new 16:9 canvas, and extended this drawing to fill the frame, you'd soon seen a world of architectural forms... and I can likewise see lots of Armilla-esque spaces getting started in some of these abstractions! - Take them back into Photoshop, draw on top of them (line art) and extend the compositions... cities will form!

    1. Okay then! I`ll get on and do that then :D

  2. Love the middle ones :) Really nice colours.