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Saturday, 12 September 2015

CAA 79 Final turnaround

Well I finally moved into uni , yay! And I was in the mood to get my head in the zone and draw! So I thought why not do some more turnarounds for the summer project and I started with 79! I like it , I feel like the shrubs attached to the creatures body make the creature seem more 3D and I think this is one of my more creative and unusual designs. What do you think is the better out of the two life forms I`ve drawn already? Should I print out them both and bring them to the presentation next week?


  1. Hi Sarah,

    On CAA you present from your blog, so you won't need to get anything printed :)

  2. Ohh! Thank you for telling me although I spent a fiver on printer paper before I came haha :'D .

  3. Also Phil , what day do we show our summer projects and do we have to bring our laptops with us?

    1. You shouldn't need your Laptop to present. Most rooms have a projector, you'll be be showing off your blog from the computer connected to it.

      Again, great job by the way.